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rodents / degu / DEGU (Octodon degus)

DEGU (Octodon degus)

Degu comes from South America, specifically from the Chilean Andes, where this friendly animal lives in large groups on the rocks. Degu was discovered by Europeans in the 18th century.

Wild-living degu measures, including the tail, about 40 cm (or more) and weighing between 1-1.5 kg. Degu kept in homes are almost always lower. The stubble is short, its basic color is brown-gray, hair tips are black ticking. The eyes are dark brown, fully feathered tail is shorter than the body.

Degu is very good in climbing and crawling, it is very lively and curious. Like the guinea pig, also degu makes sounds when communicating by growling noises and beeps. Unlike other rodent degu is active during the day. For this animal, it is best if we keep him in a group or in pairs. Degu easy to establish a strong bond with whoever takes care of him, but so tame and affectionate as a guinea pig will never be.

Food: Feeding mixture for degu / rodents, hay, small amounts of fruit and vegetables.

Degu usually lives to 5-8 years.


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